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Skill Tester - Plush / Candy Crane


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In order for these games to remain profitable for the operator of the machine as well as enjoyable to the player, these machines must be operated correctly. This means keeping the game well lit, clean inside and out, toys or plush animals well placed and organized and most importantly, making sure that the game provides the correct amount of winnings to the player. These machines must be viewed as a vending machine, dispensing product out at a profitable rate for the operator while providing adequate reward for the player. Generally the machine is most profitable when it gives out a winning percentage to revenue of 30-35%. The machine should give back to the player merchandise equivalent to one third the value of the total machine revenue. If the machine takes in $100 then the prizes dispensed should be equal in value to $30 to $35.00.

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Equally important in operating the games is choosing the right prizes to dispense. The player must perceive a value in playing the game. Since we are targeting a large group of the population; both men and women, children and adults, it is imperative that we choose large, high quality, licensed or highly recognizable toys. It is also important to change these with new product on a regular basis so repeat customers do not lose interest with the same product over time.

By following a few basic operating rules, the operator will find no better games to operator in their or some one else's business.

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